Cargill Cares Alumni

Volunteer Hours 

Why Does CCA/Cargill Want To Know My Volunteer Hours?

  • Enhance Cargill’s and Cargill Alumni’s reputation in the community
  • Enhance the visibility and reputation of CCA within Cargill and help maintain funding for the CCA organization
  • Use information on hours worked for specific organizations to make decisions on whether to keep and/or add CCA-sponsored events and/or communicate about non-CCA-sponsored events
  • Help with storytelling and impact reporting as part of Cargill’s community engagement and Corporate Responsibility team priorities

Ways to Report Volunteer Hours:

Spark - will be discontinued to be Cargill's volunteer hours collection system. Effective Oct. 2, 2021, please click on the form(s) below, fill out the info and email to CCA Admin

To report hours directly via email, send your name, Organization name, date of service, activity performed to CCA Admin

CCA Project Leaders:

To report volunteer hours, complete the Excel Group Worksheet save, attach to email and send to CCA Admin

To Report Individual Member Hours, Complete and email 

Use either:

Volunteer Worksheet ; or

Volunteer Word document

Click on desired app, open, complete, save, then attach file to the email to CCA Admin 

Send attached file(s) to CCA Admin to - CCA Admin

(Note: to open worksheet or Word document selected for Group or Individual tracking, click on "open file" in the lower left-hand corner of screen after the file downloads)


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