Cargill Cares Alumni

Purpose and Objectives


The purpose of the organization is to promote volunteer efforts that align with and support the Cargill vision and mission, plus promote social and educational activities.


Identify and promote opportunities for members to participate in Cargill community engagement activities.

Encourage members to participate in volunteer efforts and be goodwill ambassadors in their local communities.

Identify and promote activities for members by providing:

 * Volunteer opportunities that match their personal interests.

 * Programs/activities/communication that allows interaction        with other CCA members.

 * Social activities that enhance their active lifestyle.

 * Educational opportunities that enhance their active lifestyle.

Click on the links to view the CCA Member Brochure and CCA ByLaws; also see Board and Committee Job Descriptions

See our "Calendar Of Events" for information on upcoming volunteer, social, and seminar activities.

CCA Contacts

Telephone: 952-742-6188


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