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   Welcome to Cargill Cares Alumni

We help former Cargill employees connect with other Cargill Alumni, enrich their active lifestyles and serve the communities in which they live.

Membership is open to all former Cargill employees and their spouses/partners.

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Work with fellow Alumni on projects that help those in need and make a difference in the communities we live.


Join fellow Alumni in social activities such as theater performances, tours, and sporting events.


Update your knowledge on technology, health, financial and other current topics.


Please note: Although both Cargill and the CCA Board have authorization to start coordinating some CCA group volunteer activities effective September 1, 2020, it remains your personal decision whether or not to participate in any group activity. It is important for each of you to consider your personal situations and prioritize the health of yourself and those around you when making a decision whether or not to participate. Individuals at high risk for serious COVID-19 infections, or who are in contact with high-risk individuals, may choose not to participate. High risk individuals are defined by the CDC at 

and by the Minnesota Dept. of Health at Minnesota Order defining high risk individuals

Volunteer Opportunities

See also - link to Cargill Corporate Responsibility events in which CCA is invited /encouraged to participate

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Social Events

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Educational Events


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