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We help former Cargill employees connect with other Cargill Alumni, enrich their active lifestyles and serve the communities in which they live.

Membership is open to all former Cargill employees and their spouses/partners.

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Work with fellow Alumni on projects that help those in need and make a difference in the communities we live.

Go to Volunteer Projects for details and schedules for each activity.


Join fellow Alumni in social activities such as theater performances, tours, and sporting events.

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Update your knowledge on technology, health, financial and other current topics. View upcoming Cargill & Vanguard-sponsored 2023-24 

Financial Wellness seminars.


View the Event Calendar for a full listing of events by month. CCA members are also encouraged to participate in Cargill-affiliated activities. Scheduled events are on CCA's Calendar and included in weekly CCA email announcements. Check the Latest News on the menu to view the most recent Newsletter and other news!

Volunteer Opportunities

Social Events

General info on annual and upcoming events on the  Social Events page

Educational Events

Save the Dates!! Click on the link to view upcoming Cargill and Vanguard-sponsored 2023-24 

Financial Wellness  seminars.

CCA Picture Disclaimer: By participating in a Cargill Cares Alumni event, you are agreeing to allow your photograph/video to be used for any CCA purpose. Photos/videos taken by or on behalf of CCA are the property of CCA. If you do not wish to have your image taken at a CCA event, you must make your wishes known to the CCA event coordinator.

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